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How to Use Stamp Mounts

By admin • June 26, 2019 •

Step 1: Prepare Your Stamps and Mounts

Before tackling any project, it’s always important to make sure you have everything you need for completion. When it comes to placing a stamp in a mount and affixing the mount to an album page, it’s important to get things right the first time. While there are only two things needed to mount your stamps — the stamp and the stamp mount — many stamp collectors use a variety of other tools and accessories to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

The key to properly mounting a stamp on an album page is to use the correct size and type of stamp mount. The stamp should fit securely in the mount without damaging the stamp. Using a perforation gauge with a millimeter ruler is the best way to measure your stamp to make sure your stamp mount isn’t too big or too small. For water-activated stamps, we recommend adding 5mm to the overall width and height of the stamp; for self-adhesive stamps, we recommend adding 6mm to 7mm to the overall width and height. NOTE: When measuring your stamps, we recommend rounding up to the nearest millimeter.

Remember to always mount your stamps with the mount openings at left and right, and not at top or bottom. This ensures your stamps will never fall free from the mount over time. It’s important to use a stamp mount with the correct height for the stamp because you can always trim the mount width down to size using a Stamp Mount Cutter.

Example: 20mm (W) x 35mm (H) water activated stamp would use a 25mm (W) x 40mm (H) stamp mount
(We'd recommend the 25x40mm 902 ScottMount Stamp Mount)

Step 2: Insert Stamps into Mounts

Once you have your stamp mounts ready and trimmed to the appropriate size if needed, you are ready to insert your stamps into the stamp mounts. ScottMount stamp mounts are heat-sealed at the top and bottom with a split back that allows the stamp to be inserted easily and then mounted on a page.

Whenever inserting a stamp to a mount, it’s important to keep the slit in the back of the mount horizontal so that the stamp will stay in the mount once applied to a page. Using stamp tongs to help eliminate damaging the stamp itself, the stamp is inserted into the mount by holding back either the top or bottom flap and then carefully inserting the stamp with the stamp design facing the clear window of the mount. Once half of the stamp is inserted into the mount, you can then carefully fold back the other flap to completely insert the stamp into the stamp mount.(EXAMPLE).

When the flaps are released, the stamp mount should now be flat with the stamp completely contained in the stamp mount on all four sides. Be sure to check that the stamp is properly mounted in the stamp mount before you attach the stamp mount to your album page.

Step 3: Attach Stamp Mount to Album Page

Once you have your stamp properly inserted in the stamp mount, it’s time to attach the mount to your album page, supplement, blank page, etc. Because you only get one chance to attach the stamp mount to the page, it’s important to make sure everything is properly set before moving forward.

When ready to attach the mount, use stamp tongs to hold the stamp mount while lightly moistening the top half of the stamp mount. Many collectors suggest using a damp sponge or small rag to moisten the tip of your finger and then lightly rub the rear top half of the stamp mount.

NOTE: It's important to ONLY moisten the top of the stamp mount so that you can still flip the stamp mount up to remove or adjust the stamp as needed in the future

Once moist, the stamp mount can then be attached to your album or supplement page. Remember - you only get one change to attach the stamp mount to the page so be sure to properly secure the stamp mount when attached. You should then wait several hours to allow the stamp mount adhesive to dry before attempting to adjust the stamp in or remove the stamp from the mount.