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Product Image No other numismatic reference can match the scope or breadth of information contained in the new Eighth Edition of the Coin World Almanac. The editors of Coin World have gathered and compiled hundreds of thousands of the most vital facts about U.S. and world coinage and paper money and present it in nearly 700 pages and 24 chapters

The new 8th edition features:

• News highlights from the rare coin market from 2000-2011

• Background on America’s rarest coins and the record prices paid

• Expanded, in-depth section on U.S. commemorative coins, including every special set issued for modern commemorative coins.

• Expert information on how to avoid buying counterfeit coins.

• Tips for using the Internet in your collecting pursuits

Get all this and more in one single, comprehensive reference book produced by the top researchers and editors in the numismatic market!
Item: CNW04E8
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Product Image Learn how to take better photos of coins with the help of this book. Inside you’ll find the secrets to quality digital coin photography through a structured, systematic approach that is easy to learn and will produce spectacular results. The advent of digital technology allows anyone with a little knowledge of their camera, and the helpful tips found in this book to take quality images of any coin with life-like brilliance, contrasting devices, sharp details and perfect bands of luster.
Item: CNW174E2
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Product Image The updated and expanded second edition of Beth Deisher's best-selling Cash In Your Coins is a book for anyone who's inherited a collection (or hoard) of old coins. HOW RARE ARE THEY? WHAT ARE THEY WORTH? SHOULD YOU SELL? WHERE DO YOU EVEN BEGIN? The expanded 2nd edition has 16 more pages than the 1st edition, with updated case studies, a new chapter on taxes, and more. Your guide on this journey is author Beth Deisher, an award-winning journalist and retired editor of Coin World, the hobby’s premier news weekly. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience helping people understand and collect coins and paper currency, Deisher shows you how to identify what you own, how to create an inventory, how to pick out extra-valuable coins, how to value a large estate, “talking the talk” when you go to sell, the effect of the “fiscal cliff” and recent estate- and tax-related legislation, and other important and valuable lessons. Just as important, Cash In Your Coins gives peace of mind to today’s coin collectors, who can keep a copy of the book with their collection and then rest assured that their heirs will benefit from Deisher's expert advice.

Contents: “Can You An
Item: CNW180E2
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Product Image The updated 6th edition of the Coin World Ledger has been expanded to provide more space for notes and information. Mintage figures have updated through 2005. Listings are organized by denomination and type. The date and Mint mark of each U.S. coin is listed and major varieties are also included. Mintage figures for both business and proof strikes are provided. Separate sections for the American Eagle bullion coins, commemorative coins, proof sets, special mint sets and uncirculated sets complete the ledger. This handy record-keeping tool will fit in most safe-deposit boxes.
Item: CNW24E6
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Product Image Organized like other titles in the “Dummies” series, Coin Collecting for Dummies is punctuated with bulls-eye icons pointing out tips and important information. Q. David Bowers, the dean of numismatic writers, writes, “The book takes the reader, dummy or even someone with “smarts,” through the various intricacies of numismatics.” After teaching the reader how to pronounce numismatics, the book tackles a variety of subjects including storing coins, valuing, buying and selling, and grading and cleaning coins. Separate chapters deal with ancient and world coins, as well as each of the denominations of U.S. coins. Website and mailing addresses are included for the reader to obtain additional information. Throughout the book detailed coin photographs are used to illustrate the terms and concepts discussed in the text. -

Now on Sale! Sale prices apply only to stock on hand. Limited Quantities available.
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Product Image The revised 4th edition of this indispensable book has been updated with post-9/11 strategies for purchasing a safe and securely storing your collection and electronic records pertaining to it. The increasing cost of insurance and issues relative to coin conservation are also discussed. A new appendix with a value chart for commonly traded U.S. and world gold coins has also been included. Author Scott Travers also includes information on purchasing coins over the Internet and how to protect yourself from online auction scams and an incredible expose on coin "doctoring" with full-color photographs of artificially toned and doctored coins. The Coin Collectors Survival Manual® picks up where Coin Collecting for Dummies leaves off. Detailed charts and photographs supplement the clearly written text teaching readers the intricacies of coin grading; how to detect counterfeit, altered and doctored coins; how to read between the lines of price guides and newsletters; how to preserve your coins; and how to avoid getting ripped off. This is a must addition to any numismatic reference library. [softbound, 272 pages, b&w & color illustrations].
Item: CNW61
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Product Image The 6th edition of this indispensable book has been updated by including much of the information in another of the author's books, How to Make Money in Coins Right Now, giving the reader two books for the price of one. Sections include: Collecting Coins Profitably; Reading a Coin Like a Book; Bigger and Brighter; The Grading of U.S. Coins; Grading Services and the Plastic Revolution; New Services Land a 1-2 Punch to Protect You; Beauty and the Best-Authenticating Proofs; Telling Fact from Fiction; Making Money in Coins Right Now; Making Sure the Price is Right; Registry Sets Get High Grades; Secrets of Cherrypicking; "Insider Trading" of Rare Coins; Dangers of Buying Coins on the Internet and by Mail; Cashing In at Shows; Selling High, Higher, Highest; Don't Let Uncle Sam Pick Your Pocket; Myths that Can Cost Millions; Endangered Coins- and How to Rescue Them; Security After September 11 and Hurricane Katrina; Using the Legal System to Protect Your Coins. Appendices with value charts for commonly traded U.S. and Canadian silver coins and US and world gold coins have been included. Other appendices cover Internet resources and the use of gold coins as calamity insurance. The
Item: CNW61E6
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Product Image This is a great introduction to collecting Canadian coins. After brief opening chapters on grading, the history of money and money in the New World, the author delves into Canadian Colonial and Decimal Coins. This discussion is followed by chapters on special sets, patterns & trial pieces, currency, tokens and the Royal Canadian Mint. The appendices include a basic glossary of numismatic terms, a listing of rare and scarce date Canadian coins, numismatic associations and public collections. There is a lot of information packed into this short volume. [softbound, 95 pages, b&w photos, c. 2000].
Item: CNW85
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Product Image Now on Sale! Sale prices apply only to stock on hand. Limited Quantities available.

In this newly released volume, authors Douglas Winter and Adam Crum have created an excellent reference for anyone interested in Type I Double Eagles. These coins were produced between 1850 and 1866, with each date/mint combination receiving individual analysis. Each issue is described by strike, surfaces, luster, coloration, eye appeal and interesting varieties. Rarity rankings are provided as is an availability breakdown by grade. Included in the opening historical chapters is a discussion of the impact of the sinking and recovery of the S.S. Central America. The book concludes with complete mintage figues, along with a population breakdown by grade and a summary of the rarity rankings. [softbound, 228 pages, b&w photos].
Item: CNW86
Retail Price: $29.95
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