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Watermark Clarity Fluid and Flat Bottom Tray

Watermark Clarity Fluid and Flat Bottom Tray

Item #: ACC177FLAT


This is the best watermark fluid available. The optical properties of Clarity Watermark Fluid highlight the density changes created by a watermark or a repair, but do not allow the printed image on the face of the stamp to bleed through. The image of the watermark is therefore clearly visible. To allow time to study the watermark, Clarity was designed to evaporate slowly. It leaves no residue following evaporation.

Clarity contains no solvents, no CFCs, no HCFCs and will not affect inks, adhesives or taggents on the stamp. It is made from non-flammable, non-toxic and non-hazardous materials.

Use this black flat-bottom, lightweight tray with Clarity Watermark Fluid to safely and effectively determine the watermark on a stamp. Also useful for seeing thins, repairs and other faults on your stamps.

Item Specifications

Package Components: Clarity Watermark Fluid , WATERMARK TRAY-FLAT BOTTOM

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