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Linn's Stamp News Special Publication: Most Influential Philatelists

Linn's Stamp News Special Publication: Most Influential Philatelists


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The Most Influential People in Philately. Period.

From time to time, we choose to invest our own time and cost into preparing special publications, intended to celebrate special events, milestones and individuals. 

These publications are included for free to all subscribers of Linn's Stamp News magazine as a THANK YOU for your support.

In 2021, we set out to identify the most influential people around.

We turned to our vast network of dealers, collectors, auctioneers and more to help identify lists of individuals whose names we'd put up to a public vote.

And then we invited you to cast your ballots.

And you did.

The results were overwhelming, but when the dust settled, the most influential were left standing.

In early 2022, we brought this issue to life featuring the most influential living philatelists -- according to you.

This 2022 edition of Linn’s Stamp News Most Influential Philatelists and Their Epic Stamp Stories recognizes 76 individuals with this 116-page special edition who have had an impact on the hobby in the past couple of decades.

Get Your Copy -- Once they're Gone, they're Gone forever

When we printed this limited edition publication for our subscribers, we printed a few extra copies for the general public. Now we've made them available for you to purchase.

Order as many as you want, but don't miss out. Limited quantites are available and once they're gone, they're gone.

See it in Digital

Because printed supply is limited, and as a courtesy to our loyal readers, we've made the Digital edition of this issue available for FREE. You can check it out at the link below. This works on your Phone, Tablet or Desktop computer. This is the same reader we use to host our digital subscription, which you may want to check out if you're not already subscribed!

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About Linn's Stamp News magazine

Celebrated as the leading magazine for philatelists, Linn's Stamp News was first published in 1928 by founder George Linn. In 1942, Amos Press got into magazine publishing with the acquisition of Linn's Stamp News. The tradition lives on today. You can subscribe to Linn's Stamp News and choose from weekly or monthly frequencies, available in print or digital formats for your convenience. Amos Press, now known as Amos Media, is the operator of Amos Advantage, and is also well-known as the longtime publisher of other leading titles including Coin World magazine and the Scott Catalogue.

Item Specifications

Publication Date: 2022

Item Subjects: Stamp Literature, New Stamp Products, Linn's

Pages: 116


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