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Scott Identifier of Definitive Stamp Issues, 2023, 2nd Edition

Scott Identifier of Definitive Stamp Issues, 2023, 2nd Edition

Item #: SCTID02

New Edition


Scott Identifier of Definitive Stamp Issues, 2023, 2nd Edition

It’s now even easier to identify your United States stamps while using your Scott Catalogue.

The Definitive Identifier, formerly included near beginning of the Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States and Covers, is now published annually as a separate book.

The Scott Identifier of Definitive Stamp Issues is a softcover book featuring 6-inch-by-9-inch pages in a two-column format.

Buy together and Save

Now you can get this book, along with its two companion books from the same 2023 edition year: the #1 best selling Scott US Specialized Catalogue and the Scott Stamp Values U.S. Specialized by Grade.

Best of all, save big when you order all 3 together instead of separately. And of course, you'll greatly enhance your ability to collect, identify and organize your United States stamps with this handy resource that makes the perfect companion to the United States Scott Specialized Catalogue.

Learn about your saving opportunity here: 2023 U.S. Scott Specialized Catalogue BUNDLE w/ Graded, Definitive Books (Printed Edition) 

Included FREE with the US Specialized Digital Subscription

Space is limited in the printed editions, but it's unlimited with Digital! That's right, we've gone ahead and included this book FREE with EVERY digital subscription to the Scott United States Specialized Catalogue. The best-selling print edition of the Scott Catalogue is now the best-selling Digital Subscription! Find out all about the digital U.S. specialized and everything else that's included (hint: there's a lot!). See: Scott Digital Catalogue: U.S. SPECIALIZED W/ GRADED, DEFINITIVE BOOKS, Annual Subscription 

Note: The content published in the October 1, 2022 printed product will become available digitally on the same date in the US Specialized Annual Subscription.

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Item Specifications

Publication Date: October 1, 2022

Item Subjects: Scott Catalogue (Printed Editions), Stamp Literature

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