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The Standard Catalogue of Postage Stamps. Since 1868.

The Scott Catalogue, first published in 1868, is the stamp collecting resource collectors have turned to for over a century and a half. It contains:

  • Scott Numbers - The definitive numbering system accepted by collectors around the world for cataloguing, referencing and identifying stamps.

  • Scott Values - Industry-leading valuations determined by our team of analysts and carefully maintained throughout the year.

  • Scott Listings - All the details you need, including images of stamps we scour the globe to obtain and scan into the catalog. Includes both new stamps and updates on information we obtain about stamps from years gone by

Scott Catalogues have been published by Amos Media (the operators of Amos Advantage) since 1984.

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Volumes and Formats You'll Like

The massive catalogs contain a wealth of information compiled over 150+ years and updated annually. You could say they cover lots of ground. That's why we've split the catalogs up into logical groupings, including by country and by time period, for your convenience:

  • Printed catalogs, in publication since 1868. These handsome reference books are packed with information as is evidenced by their considerable heft.

  • Digital subscriptions, new in 2022! Now you can get the same Scott Catalogue of information -- but with WAY more features and portability.

  • Essential Volumes. The countries of the world, in alphabetical order, separated into 6 convenient volumes.

  • Specialized Editions. Standalone Specalized editions -- amongst our most popular Scott Catalogue offerings -- focus on a specific region or time period. These include the #1 selling US Specialized and the World Classic (1840-1940) covering the first century of philately.

  • Regional Volumes. Made possible only in a Digital Format, we are pleased to offer these as annual subscriptions. These globe-spanning volumes feature a curated set of countries to accomodate your specific collecting habits, without having to commit to a larger set of catalogs. Choose from the British Commonwealth, French Colonies and more.

  • Sets & Bundles. Seek out savings by checking out our sets and bundles, including the World Set and the US Specialized set.

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The Essential Scott Standard Postage Catalogues, available in both Print and Digital formats, contain simplified listings for countries of the world, grouped alphabetically across 6 volumes:

Specialized Scott Catalogues contain specialized (additional, detailed information and images) listings for their region or time period and are also available in your choice of Print or Digital formats:

Even more Scott Catalogues to suit everyone's collecting tastes and preferences:

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Printed Editions

  • Published Annually since 1868
  • Published by Amos Media (the operator of Amos Advantage) since 1984
  • Each of our Essential volumes (1-6) are split into two separate books (i.e. Vol 1A and Vol 1B) for lighter transport and ease-of-use
  • These handsome volumes enhance any desk or bookshelf

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Digital Subscriptions

  • NEW in 2022
  • Exclusively available at Amos Advantage
  • Jam-packed with features impossible to achieve in the printed edition
  • Realize enormous value thanks to a price point lower than print
  • Annual subscriptions ensure you always have the latest version of our values and listings
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Works with a wide variety of devices running an internet browser
  • Your choice of each essential (1-6) Volumes, U.S. Specialized and Classic Specialized OR the World Set (where you can search topics across the ENTIRE world!)
  • PLUS other volumes that just aren't possible in print, including Regional Volumes like Germany and British Commonwealth.

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