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Dive into U.S. stamps, covers and more with amazing detail

Scott Catalogue 2023 United States Specialized Stamps and Covers SKU #C23SThe Scott U.S. Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers is one of our essential volumes of the Scott Standard Catalogue of Postage Stamps and is the definitive source of values and listings for the United States region. It offers the most comprehensive look a the United States region.

The U.S. Specialized also happens to be our top seller, due to the depth and breadth of detailed listings for the popular United States region and its stamp issues.

Scott Catalogues, in publication since 1868, are updated annually by our expert team of philatelists. Our team scours the globe hunting down all new issues and obtaining stamps from prior periods, across all the countries of the world where stamps are issued.

We then catalog each stamp, (scanning a high-resolution image of it using state-of-the-art scanning technology), assign in at Scott Number and then our valuing analysts research its value. The resulting value is included alongside the listing.

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Updated Annually in Print ... and Monthly in Digital!

The U.S. Specialized catalog has traditionally been released annually in October of each year. That tradition continues, in the printed edition. But we're excited to announce the Digital Subscription updates monthly! More details below, but first let us tell you all about how the Print and Digital catalogs compare...

Your Catalog, Your Way

We've made The Scott Catalogue available in both Print and Digital formats for your convenience. Learn a little about each:

Print Editions. We continue the proud tradition of publishing our printed, full-size, full-color catalogs on premium stock for your enjoyment. No internet connection required.

Each year, we publish a brand new printed edition consisting of updates from the prior year.

Digital Subscriptions. We offer a Digital Subscription of each essential volume of The Scott Catalogue, including Volume 6. With the Digital Subscription is packed with features simply not possible in print, like search and zoom. Better yet, they offer unprecedented efficiency thanks to a powerful features that lets you search topics across multiple sections. Works on almost any device with an internet browser. All you need is an internet connection.

With the Digital Subscription, you'll automatically receive the updated edition each year in October.

Now you can get automatic updates ... every MONTH

We pulled out all the stops for our most popular volume. The US Specialized digital subscription benefits from MONTHLY updates of the newest stamp issues

PLUS stamp values are updated not once per year, but TWICE! In April and October, values are updated across the board. This is our way of making this volume truly special.

Just like the updates you’ve come to expect with our annual print editions, you can look forward to the same in your digital subscription. Unlike the Printed edition, which is released only once per year in October, the digital edition makes it possible for us to also update the values in April.

And that's not all. In addition to monthly new issues and two across-the-board value updates per year, the US Specialized automatically updates with the many editorial enhancements as well (just like the Printed edition).

If you consider the two carefully, you'll see that not only does the digital edition have everything the print does, but it has features that simply aren't possible in print (search, zoom, etc) AND gets updated much more frequently too!

What's in the U.S. Specialized?

The US Specialized Catalogue is our top selling volume of the Scott Catalogue, and rightfully so. Not only does it contain detailed listings of United States stamps, but you also get listings for:

  • Postal stationery
  • Revenue stamps
  • Hunting permit (duck) stamps
  • Essays, Trial colors, die and plate proofs (included with digital subscription and in print as a separate book)
  • Confederate States of America
  • U.S. possessions and territories
  • United Nations (included with digital subscription and in print as a separate book)

Each of these sections of the catalog are separate items within a larger library of the Volume’s contents (postage, airmail, postage due, etc.). You’ll find it easy to navigate them all with the digital catalog interface.

With over 100 sections, it’s no surprise the Specialized Catalogue is our top selling volume.

The list of 2024 updates for the Scott U.S. Specialized catalog has been revealed!

As always, countless updates were made across the entire catalog. Many important value and editorial changes enhance the historic 102nd edition of the Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers. Full details of this year's updates were announced in Linn’s Stamp News magazine, and are also available online here: What's new for 2024 Scott U.S. Specialized catalog?

Every year, our philatelic team (who work on both the Scott Catalogue and Linn’s Stamp News) work tirelessly to catalog all the new issues and update values for stamp listings throughout each volume. Because the world is a big place, our editors can’t cover all the philatelic activities for every nation every year. That’s why we publish these announcements detailing just which areas received the most attention, so collectors like you can be aware of what changes await you inside.

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Amos Media is the longtime publisher of the Scott Catalogue and operator of Amos Advantage. Headquartered in Sidney, Ohio, USA, Amos Media has been serving collectors since 1876.


We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about your print or digital order!

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