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A Spotlight on Postage Errors

The Scott Catalogue of U.S. Errors is a special volume that contains only Error listings and is focused exclusively on the popular United States region of Postage Stamps.

Like other volumes of The Scott Catalogue, this volume catalogs stamp listings by the same industry-standard Scott Numbers.

Unlike other volumes of The Scott Catalogue, you'll find:

  • Listings are classified according to one of three types of major errors: Imperforates, Color-omitted errors or Inverts.
  • Known quantities, production details and cautionary notes.
  • Values also are provided for error-like imperforates and printer’s waste.
  • A detailed overview of freaks and oddities included, for reference.

Updated with Care

At Amos Media, long-time publisher of the Scott Catalogue, we meticulously care for and maintain the Scott Catalogue, Scott Values and Scott Numbering system.

Our team of philatelists scours the globe hunting down all new issues and obtaining stamps from prior periods, across all the countries of the world where stamps are issued. Errors are no exception to their search.

We then catalog each stamp, (scanning a high-resolution image of it using state-of-the-art scanning technology), assign in at Scott Number and then our valuing analysts research its value. The resulting value is included alongside the listing.

Printed Editions or Digital Subscriptions: the Choice is Yours

While many of the Scott Catalogues are published on an annual basis, printed editions of the Errors Catalogue are released on a less frequent basis. Once enough new Errors are compiled to warrant a new release, we will publish a new edition, usually every few years. Look for the latest release -- available below, on this page. 

Collectors interested in always having the latest version of the Errors Catalogue may find it convenient to subscribe to it with an Annual Subscription to the Scott Digital Catalogue of U.S. Stamp Errors, also available below.

About Us

Amos Media is the longtime publisher of the Scott Catalogue and operator of Amos Advantage. Headquartered in Sidney, Ohio, USA, Amos Media has been serving collectors since 1876.


We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about your print or digital order!

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