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 Digital Product

Scott Digital Catalogue: U.S. SPECIALIZED W/ GRADED, DEFINITIVE BOOKS, Annual Subscription


More images than print!

Never miss an update, with the new annual subscription.


U.S. Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers, Annual Digital Subscription

Always have the latest listings with this Annual Subscription

When you subscribe, you’ll get access to the entire U.S. Specialized Catalogue in a digital format, for one year. Access it on your mobile, desktop or tablet devices anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. Your subscription renews automatically. Cancel anytime.

The same Scott Catalogue you’ve come to know...

The U.S. Specialized, as always, includes specialized listings for the United States of America, categorized and organized into easy-to-use sections.

Unlike the print edition, the digital subscription includes more images PLUS all the extra digital features simply not possible in print. Keep reading to learn all about them. 

... but better than ever before

The digital subscription is jam-packed with value and features you can’t find anywhere else. Here’s just some of what you get when you subscribe: 

  • Get the latest new issue listings faster than anywhere else. You no longer need to wait for and order the annual print catalog -- your digital catalog updates immediately when the annual edition is published.
  • More images than ever before. Unlike the print catalog, which is expensive to produce and ship, we can add unlimited additional stamp images to the digital edition. And we have! Each digital edition is already packed with images you can’t find anywhere else, and we’re always adding more.
  • You’ll have the edge. While other collectors and dealers must lug around heavy catalog sets and have to remember to order the next print edition each year, you won’t have to jump through any of those hoops. Plus, you’ll have the upper hand thanks to the numerous extra images available exclusively in the Scott catalog digital subscription.
  • Find your stamp -- in seconds. Our expert philatelic team spent years developing an uncompromising set of tools allowing you to quickly find your stamp among hundreds of thousands of listings. Know the country and topic of a stamp? Now you can navigate to that country and search specifically for topics or Scott numbers within that country’s listings. 
  • Browse by country. We’ve broken each country’s listings into separate sections so you can easily browse them page by page at your leisure, or search within them to find the stamp you’re looking for faster and easier than ever.
  • Search within AND across sections! Not only can you search within a given section, but you can search ACROSS all sections in the catalog. We think this is a great way to quickly see all stamps for a given topic, all in one place.
  • Indexed listings add to the convenience of finding your stamp. Within each country, we created an index of its Scott numbers and stamp type (postage, airmail, and more) that allows you to easily navigate the listings.
  • Zoom in on beautiful high-resolution stamp images like never before. Our catalog production team has always worked tirelessly to create the high-resolution images of stamps we include in the catalog. The zoom feature makes it possible for you to see stamps in all their fine detail.
  • Travel lighter. When you’re on the go, you needn’t worry about a checked bag for your catalogs. Instead, pull up the digital subscription on your phone or tablet and save on bag fees, heavy lifting and space!
  • Instant access. You’ll get immediate access once you subscribe -- no waiting and no shipping fee!

Take a Look Inside the U.S. Specialized Digital Subscription

See for yourself what the inside of your digital catalog subscription will look like. Click each image to enlarge.

Item Specifications

Package Components: Scott Catalogue Digital Specialized

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