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Scott Digital Catalogue: ERRORS ON US POSTAGE STAMPS, Annual Subscription


Annual Subscription ensures access to the latest listings


The Scott Catalogue Dedicated to United States Postage Errors

The Scott Catalogue of U.S. Errors is a special volume that contains only Error listings and is focused exclusively on the popular United States region of Postage Stamps.

Like other volumes of The Scott Catalogue, this volume catalogs stamp listings by the same industry-standard Scott Numbers.

Unlike other volumes of The Scott Catalogue, you'll ALSO find:

  • Listings are classified according to one of three types of major errors: Imperforates, Color-omitted errors or Inverts.
  • Known quantities, production details and cautionary notes.
  • Values also are provided for error-like imperforates and printer’s waste.
  • A detailed overview of freaks and oddities included, for reference.

What's inside the US Errors Catalogue?

The US Errors Catalogue contains the following sections:

  • Imperforate Error Stamps
  • Error-Like Imperforates
  • Color-Omitted Errors
  • Hologram-Omitted Errors
  • Back-Inscription Errors
  • Invert Errors
  • Printer’s Waste
  • Freaks, Oddities & Other Unusual Stamps

A Feature-Packed Digital Subscription that Keeps You Up-to-date

When you subscribe, you’ll get access to the U.S. Errors Catalogue in a digital format, for one year. Access it on your mobile, desktop or tablet devices anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. Your subscription renews automatically. Cancel anytime.

And check out all these features that simply aren't possible in a printed edition:

  • Find your stamp -- in seconds. Our expert philatelic team spent years developing an uncompromising set of tools allowing you to quickly find your stamp among hundreds of thousands of listings. 
  • Zoom in on beautiful high-resolution stamp images like never before. Our catalog production team has always worked tirelessly to create the high-resolution images of stamps we include in the catalog. The zoom feature makes it possible for you to see stamps in all their fine detail.
  • Travel lighter. When you’re on the go, you needn’t worry about a checked bag for your catalogs. Instead, pull up the digital subscription on your phone or tablet and save on bag fees, heavy lifting and space!
  • Instant access. You’ll get immediate access once you subscribe -- no waiting and no shipping fee!

Your Risk-Free Guarantee

We're so confident you'll enjoy everything this digital subscription has to offer that we've created a Risk-Free Guarantee. If you're not satisfied, just let us know within 5 days of your purchase and get a full refund. Find out more about the Risk-Free Guarantee and answers to other common questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Still Not Sure? Experience it yourself with this FREE Demo

Sometimes you just need to see for yourself. That's why we created this Free Demo. When you claim your Free Demo, you'll be able to see exactly how your subscription will look. The demo has sample countries from all 6 of our volumes. Don't wait, see it for yourself when you claim your Free Demo now!

Looking for the print edition?

The Scott Catalogue of US Postage Stamp Errors is also available as a handsome printed catalogue.

The printed edition contains the same information as the Digital Subscription, and new printed editions are released periodically. Shop All Error Catalogues here.

About Us

Amos Media is the longtime publisher of the Scott Catalogue and operator of Amos Advantage. Headquartered in Sidney, Ohio, USA, Amos Media has been serving collectors since 1876.


We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about your print or digital order!

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