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Schaubek US Scott Hingeless Part 1 - 1845-1934

Item #: HUSA01

 No Longer Available


Schaubek Hingeless Album Pages: U.S. Scott National Album Part 1: 1845-1934 (97 pages). There are spaces for every major U.S. stamp listed in the Scott Catalogue including: Postmaster Provisionals, Airpost, Special Delivery, Airpost Special Delivery, Registration, Certified Mail, Postage Due, Parcel Post, Special Handling, Parcel Post Postage Due, Offices in China, Official Stamps, Newspapers and Periodicals, and Confederate States.  

Featuring pre-mounted pages with clear stamp mounts, the Schaubek US Hingeless Supplement is the easiest way to collect the most popular US Stamp Issues without having to worry about buying stamp mounts separately since every page is already pre-mounted with stamp mounts. For convenient reference the Scott Catalogue Number appears in each space. The Schaubek Hingeless album supplements fit in Schaubek Senator 6-Ring Binders. 

Note: Image shows Schaubek Senator Binder & other Stamp Supplies - Not Included

Item Specifications

Item Subjects: Schaubek, US Hingeless

Pages: 97

Weight: 3.61

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