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Premium Magnifier Visor

Premium Magnifier Visor

Item #: MG45H

 No Longer Available.


The Premium Binocular Headband Magnifier Visor with 4 Lens set 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3.5x lenses lets you free up your hands. The Premium model also comes with a 5x swivel eye loupe on the right eye. Headband is fully adjustable to fit any size quickly and easily. The visor is also adjustable +/- 60 degrees either way making it easy to flip up and out of the way of the line of sight. The Premium features 4 lenses with magnification from 1.5x-3.5x, lightweight durable impact resistant visor shell and an aluminum alloy headband pivot mechanism as well as scratch resistant glass prismatic lenses. The 3.5x glass prismatic lens gives you a close working distance of 4" for most repetitive applications and hands-free magnified view. The 3.5x is the highest magnification for binocular (both eyes) magnified view, anything beyond 3.5x and the focal length is too close to see with both eyes. This handy visor can be worn over eyeglasses. (the standard size lenses will also fit many other headband magnifiers including OptiVISOR Brand)

  • Lens Power/Magnification: 1.5x at 20" inches
  • Lens Power/Magnification: 2x at 10" inches
  • Lens Power/Magnification: 2.5x at 8" inches
  • Lens Power/Magnification: 3.5x at 4" inches
  • Lens Power/Magnification: 5x Swivel Eye Loupe
  • Lens Diameter Standard

Item Specifications

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