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Minkus British Europe Vol. 1 2018

Item #: MBE118

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Minkus Worldwide Album Pages: British Europe Volume 1 - Great Britain and Ireland 2018 Supplement.

Page 1 replaces page 3 in supplement MBE117 to include space for the backing paper for David Bowie stamps, Scott 3592-3597. Newer supplement MBE117 have been corrected. If you have the newer version this page can be disregarded.
Scott 3694, 3747b, and 3791 have been omitted because they are too large to fit on a page. Page 20 replaces page 14 of supplement MBE117, which corrects information listed for Scott MH460 and MH467. All stamps issued through 2018, as listed in the Scott Catalogue, are included, unless otherwise noted.

Item Specifications

Item Subjects: Minkus, Western Europe

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