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Mini Longwave UV Lamp

Mini Longwave UV Lamp

Item #: ACC214


This portable and durable UV lamp is perfect for inspecting items on the go. The longwave ultra-violet light is perfect for examining a variety of currency and collectibles for faults, tears and rips such as: stamps, bank notes, paper and more.

  • Impact-Resistant Plastic resists fading and cracking
  • Small enough to fit in you pocket
  • Attached nylon strap for easy carrying
  • Powered by 4 AA Batteries (Sold Separately)

What is Longwave Ultraviolet Light?
The longwave Ultraviolet Spectrum has a wavelength of 365nm. This provides the right type of light for inspecting for fluorescence materials on stamps and other paper products such as currency and postal cards. Being able to identify any potential damage such as tears and rips or faults can be very helpful when buying and selling stamps or just managing your collection. 

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