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Lighthouse US Small Dollar Capsule Album Set - Burgundy

Lighthouse US Small Dollar Capsule Album Set - Burgundy



Save BIG when you buy the Lighthouse U.S. Small Dollar Capsule Album Set- exclusively at Amos Advantage! This 3-product set includes all the essentials to get any Coin Collector organized. This bundle has everything you need to start and continue a coin collection - a beautiful Burgundy Leatherette Binder and Slipcase, 2-pack custom engineered capsule pages, and 7 - packs of 10 - Lighthouse's durable 26.5mm coin capsules. This bundle is a MUST-HAVE for all new and experienced coin collectors!


Lighthouse Grande Album and Slipcase - Burgundy

Stylish burgundy leatherette cover with fine stitching with a bookbinder's quality. The sturdy 3 D-ring mechanism will securely hold the pages with ease. Along with binder you will receive a matching slipcase/dust cover.

Size: 2.5" Capacity
Dimension (Including Slipcase): 11-1/2" x 13-1/4" x 2-3/4"


Lighthouse 26-27mm Coin Capsule Page (2-Pack)

The Lighthouse pages snap together to hold your round capsule coin holders with ease. The custom enigeered pages will hold up to 35 capsules per page. They are very convenient and easy to use.
Holds Maximum Diameter 33mm


Lighthouse 26.5mm Round Coin Capsules

Manufactured from durable, scratch-resistant acrylic, these 26.5mm Lighthouse coin capsules will safely hold US Small Dollars. A total of 70 - 26.5mm Round Coin Capsules will be included.

Inside Diameter: 26.5mm
Outside Diameter: 33mm
Compatible Coins: Susan B. Anthony Dollars, Sacajawea Dollars, Native American Dollars, Presidential Dollars and other 26.5mm coins.

Item Specifications

Package Components: Lighthouse Grande Album and Slipcase - Burgundy , Lighthouse 26-27mm Coin Capsule Page (2-Pack) , Lighthouse Coin Capsule - 26.5mm / US Gold Dollar (Box of 10)

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