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Lighthouse Magic Capsules, Small (Diameters Up to 1"), Pack of 6

Item #: LHCAP363476

The perfect way to store unique shaped coins (like ancients)



  • Fits: Small (Coin Diameters up to 1")
  • Coin Thickness (height) up to 1/4" (7mm)
  • Qty: Pack of 6 Magic Capsules
  • Also available in a larger size, read on!

Introducing the Magic Capsule

Finally an Elegant Solution for Protecting Coins of ALL Shapes!

The Magic Capsules, by Lighthouse, are ideal for those valuable coins you want to protect that aren't a standard round shape. Quite common with ancient coins, but the application for other types of coins is literally endless. 

  • Finally store your ancient coins in a holder that FITS - no more moving around
  • Ideal for storing really special coins
  • Also suitable for e.g. precious stones
  • Capsule made from premium clarity, scratch resistant polystyrene.

How Does it Work?

The special membrane inside each capsule is the secret.

The membrane is flexible and will actually ADJUST to the size of the coin!

This makes it possible to securely store your coin, without fear of it shifting OR moving, regardless of it's shape.

Two Right Sizes for You to Choose From

The Magic Capsule is available in two sizes to accomodate your needs:

All Magic Capsules feature a thin profile to minimize the amount of space they require to store. They are suitable for coins up to 1/4" (7 mm) in height. The outside height of capsule is just 1/2" (13 mm). 

How to Showcase or Store your Magic Capsules

You've got the Magic Capsules, now display 'em or store 'em in the best way possible: with the Magic Capsule Storage Box!

Storage boxes are available for both sizes of Magic Capsules. Whether you buy the Small or the Large capsules (or both), we've got you covered:

Note: Coins not included!

Item Specifications

Item Subjects: Lighthouse Coin Capsules

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