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Large Double-Row Box and 40mm Coin Capsules - Silver Eagle (Box of 50)

Large Double-Row Box and 40mm Coin Capsules - Silver Eagle (Box of 50)

Item #: GHC40LG50


Double Row Glossy white chipboard box with velour flocked interior slots to snugly hold 50 Large Guardhouse coin capsules. Also works with Airtite size H and Coinsafe holders. (Note: Compatible with other Coin Capsules up to 44.5mm in diameter although a snug fit is not guaranteed)

Capacity: 50 Large Guardhouse Capsules (Large Dollars, American Silver Eagle, 1 oz. Silver Rounds up to 44.5mm)
Compatible Capsules: Guardhouse Large Capsules, Airtite Size H Capsules, select Coinsafe Capsules.
Dimensions: 11" x 4" x 2"

Genuine Guardhouse, direct fit, coin capsule - 40 mm holders for the American Silver Eagles.

Guardhouse Direct-Fit Round Holders are made of a virgin styrene acrylic polymer that is free of all oils and contaminants. The quality of the material ensures long-term crystal clear clarity. The interior holds coins snugly in a sealed chamber, but the capsules are also designed so that they can be opened if necessary. The exterior dimensions are measured to industry standards – Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large .

Standard Exterior Capsule Sizing Comparison Chart
Exterior-44.3 mm
Guardhouse-Large (L)
Air-Tite- H
Capsule Pages for H or Large
Packs of 10, Guardhouse Direct Fit Coin Capsules are available!

Item Specifications

Package Components: Guardhouse Direct-Fit Coin Capsule - 40mm / Silver Eagle (Box of 50) , Guardhouse Double Row Coin Capsule Storage Box - Large

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