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ITALY 1934-1970 (116 PAGES)

ITALY 1934-1970 (116 PAGES)

Item #: 325ITA2


Scott Specialty Series Album Pages: Italy 1934-1970 (116 Pages). Contains spaces for regular postage, semi-postal, air post, air post semi-postal, air post official, pneumatic post, authorized delivery, military, military air post, military air post special delivery, military special delivery, postage due, parcel post and parcel post authorized delivery. Also includes Italian Occupation of Ionian Islands, Ljubljana, Montenegro, Allied Military Government occupation, Venezia-Giulia, Trieste, Zone A and the Italian Social Republic.

Pages can be housed in Scott Specialty Series Binders & Slipcases. A binder label is also available. For items not included in the album, packs of titled, blank pages for Italy are available. Save when you purchase the complete Italy album set.

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