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Guardhouse Square Coin Tube - Quarter

Item #: GSGT04S


Guardhouse has designed, developed and produced a square coin tube unlike any other. In addition to the unique look of the Guardhouse coin tube, there are a number of key innovative features we think you will like:

  • Secure: A tube should not require mountains of tape! The Guardhouse snap-tight lid fits snugly and secure, yet comes off easily with a simple twist and pull, as shown in this Youtube clip.
  • Translucent: Now you can see what’s inside, from the top, bottom and side of the tube, allowing you to quickly identify the contents and correct quantity.
  • Easy-Grip: Thumb notches on the lid make it easy to remove an individual tube from within a group of tightly packed tubes.
  • Stackable: Ledges built into the base and lid make for easy vertical stacking.
  • Ergonomic: Fits comfortably in your hand. No sharp corners or edges.

Denomination: U.S. Quarter
Style: Square
Holds: 40 coins

Item Specifications

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