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Eva-Dry High Capacity Dehumidifier and Hygrometer Set

Eva-Dry High Capacity Dehumidifier and Hygrometer Set

Item #: ACC202PKG

 Contains Items No Longer Available


It is the latest technological advancement in dehumidifying small, enclosed spaces. The Eva-Dry Dehumidifier is 100% renewable and requires no power to operate. Just place the Eva-Dry unit in the closet, enclosed work area or safe and it will start to absorb moisture. It will work in an area up to 100 cubic feet without power. 

The Eva-Dry Hygrometer is an affordable and handy way to keep track of the moisture in the environment where your stamps, coins and other collectibles are stored. This multi-use instrument allows for users to keep track of both humidity and temperature with the added bonus of a clock and alarm - all in one unit. The touchscreen display makes using the hygrometer easy while the hanger hole, magnets and built-in stand provide three options for display and use. Requires (2) AAA Batteries - Not Included.

Key Features:

  • Hygrometer - Relative Humidity Measurements from 20%-99%
  • Thermometer - Temperature Measurements from 32-122 F
  • Clock / Alarm - Time Display (12/24 Hr) with Single Alarm

Item Specifications

Package Components: Eva-Dry High Capacity Renewable Dehumidifier

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