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Digital Microscope and Stainless-Steel Stand

Digital Microscope and Stainless-Steel Stand


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Save BIG when you buy the Lighthouse High Performance Digital Microscope and Stainless-Steel Stand Set- exclusively at Amos Advantage! This 2-product set includes the essential tools to get any Coin Collector the perfect shot. With the combination of the high powered digital microscope with the extra tall stand it will enable you to get up close and full image shot with a simple twist of the knob. This bundle is a MUST-HAVE for all new and experienced coin collectors!


High Performance USB Digital Microscope

The industry-leading 5.0 megapixel resolution makes the smallest details on coins and stamps visible on your computer screen via the included USB cable. Up to 10x - 300x magnification available with this high-end digital microscope

Easy to Use: Simply plug into your USB port, install driver software from the provided CD-ROM, and you are ready to go!
Versatility: Inspect objects on screen, take photos, shoot short videos and store them on your PC or MAC.
Illumination: Lens surrounded by 8 powerful, adjustable white LEDs.


Stainless Steel Stand

Upgrading your USB Digital Microscope with this high-quality stainless steel stand provides superior results of microscope applications, such as photo and video imaging. This upgraded stand is perfect for using the microscope for getting close-ups of small objects as well as vibration-free images of larger items. The extra high rod (16" / 405mm) allows large coins, medallions, and regular certified coin holders (slabs) to be viewed in full - along with smaller items like Stamps and other collectibles.
Total Height: 16" (405mm)
Stand Dimensions: 6-3/4" x 4-3/4"

Item Specifications

Package Components: Stainless Steel Stand for USB Digital Microscope

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