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CoinSafe Square Coin Tube - Cent / 19mm (Box of 100)

Item #: CSCT01SBK


Store your coins while keeping them safe with CoinSafe Coin Tubes. These coin tubes are produced in the USA with a propietary resin blend used for high impact resistance. The marked lids allow for quick and easy identification of what coins are stored in each tube. The tubes are stackable and the square shape means tubes won’t be rolling around in safe deposit boxes. Coins stay safe and secure with firm, snap-together top that also has a double locking ring on taller tubes. Tubes are designed to hold bank or paper-wrapped rolls. 

  • Coin Type: US Penny/Cent or other 19mm Coins
  • Capacity: 50 Coins / Tube 
  • Quantity: 100 Tubes

Item Specifications

Package Components: No content items.

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