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Coin World Premier Holder Set - Assorted Coins



The Assorted Coin Storage Set consists of a Coin World Premiere Coin Case and (1) 3-Pack of the following Coin World Premiere Coin Holders:

  • Cents (CWCH05P)
  • Nickels (CWCH06P)
  • Dimes (CWCH09P)
  • Quarters (CWCH10P)
  • Half Dollars (CWCH12P)
  • Silver Dollars (CWCH13P)
  • Anthony/Sacagawea Dollars (CWCH14P)
  • Silver Eagles (CWCH20P).

Thirty-two (32) Coin World identification tags are also included with the Coin World Premiere Assorted US Coin Storage Set.

Item Specifications

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