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Coin World Almanac (8th Edition)

Item #: CNW04E8


The staff of America's most authoritative numismatic publication, Coin World, has gathered hundreds of thousands of the most vital facts about United States and world coinage and paper money in what has been since 1976 the one reference book every collector needs - the Coin World Almanac. No other numismatic reference can match the scope or breadth of information contained in the new Eighth Edition of the Coin World AlmanacGet all this and more in one single, comprehensive 670+ page reference book produced by the top researchers and editors in the numismatic market - Coin World!

8th Edition Features Include:

  • News highlights from the rare coin market from 2000-2011
  • Background on America’s rarest coins and the record prices paid
  • Expanded, in-depth section on U.S. commemorative coins, including every special set issued for modern commemorative coins.
  • A new chapter devoted to information you need to know to protect yourself from buying counterfeit coins
  • Internet information you can use in your collecting pursuits
  • The most comprehensive U.S. mintage figures published by anyone
  • Published 2011 

Table of Contents:

  1. Review of the News, 2000-2011
  2. Numismatics and Washington
  3. Numismatics and the Law
  4. The Treasury
  5. The United States Mint
  6. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  7. The Federal Reserve
  8. U.S. Paper Money
  9. U.S. Coins
  10. Commemoratives
  11. Errors
  12. A Numismatic Chronology
  13. World Coins
  14. Precious Metals
  15. Bullion Coins
  16. Grading
  17. Counterfeit Coins
  18. Coins as Investments
  19. Rarities
  20. Potpourri
  21. Museums
  22. Organizations
  23. Books and Periodicals
  24. Numismatic Terms

Item Specifications

Item Subjects: Coin Collecting & Reference Books, Coin Supplies on Clearance

Pages: 678

Weight: 1.83

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