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Coin Collecting Bundle

Coin Collecting Bundle

Item #: LHWORK


Save BIG when you buy the Coin Collecting Bundle - exclusively at Amos Advantage! This 3-product set includes all of the essentials for Coin Collectors of all types. This bundle has everything you need to start and continue a coin collection - a handheld pocket magnifier, cotton gloves for coin handling, and a large hobby mat to protect your coins from scratches and dings while handling them. This bundles is a MUST-HAVE for all new coin collectors!

Includes the following Coin Collecting Tools & Accessories:

Folding 10X Magnifier with LED (MG10XLED)

This folding, portable pocket magnifier is perfect for using at home or taking it on the road to shows! This compact, portable and easy-to-use 10x pocket magnifier comes with its own illumination from a brilliant white LED. The glass lens is 18mm (3/4") in diameter. Includes (2) 3AG12 batteries. This handy small magnifier is perfect for looking and grading your stamp or coin collection.  Learn More

Large Hobby Work Mat (LHBASE)

Keep your coins, stamps and other hobby supplies safe when you use this high quality Large Hobby Mat. The soft, heavy-duty desk pad design provides ideal working conditions for all collectors and protects tabletops and desks as well as your collectable items from scratches and stains. The surface of the mat is made from a smooth, lint-free material. The backside is rubberized giving it non-slip properties. The spacious mat can be cleaned with clean, warm water and is also very compact when rolled up - perfect for traveling with you to shows! Also perfect for doing repair jobs, handicrafts and maintenance work, or as a photo background. Learn More

White Cotton Lisle Heavyweight Gloves (1 Pair) (CXGLVPR)

These heavyweight white cotton lisle gloves fit most hand sizes and can be worn while mounting coins in Coin World Coin Holders, cleaning coins, or just when handling coins and other precious metals that need protection from oils and dirt. Learn More

Item Specifications

Package Components: White Cotton Lisle Heavyweight Gloves (1 Pair) , Folding 10X Magnifier with LED , Large Hobby Work Mat

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