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Coin Cleaning Bundle

Coin Cleaning Bundle



Save BIG when you buy the Coin Cleaning Bundle - exclusively at Amos Advantage! This 4-product set includes all of the essentials for Coin Collectors of all types. This bundle has everything you need to clean, polish and handle your coins and other collectables while providing extra savings for purchasing the items all together.

Includes the following Coin Cleaning Tools & Accessories:

Lighthouse Vibration Cleaner (LHVIBE)

This portable vibration cleaner is perfect for the gentle cleaning of coins, medals, jewelry, and many other items that collectors have. This vibration cleaner is even suitable for eyewear, braces, dentures, or plastic lens. Eliminates grease, fingerprints, and other dirt sticking to the object. Device uses regular water, however performance will be greatly improved when used in combination with coin cleaning fluid. Comes with small brush and removable basket for easy rinsing when not in use. Learn More

4-in-1 Polishing Cloth (LHRT2)

This finely woven, soft cleaning cloth is a is one of the most versatile available today! The cloth is made up of 4 clearly labeled sections which are perfectly suited to polish different types of metals since they are created accordingly with different additives. This handy cloth removes dirt effortlessly from silver, gold, platinum, brass, and copper making your coins, medals, and badges of honor shine again. Along with coins and bullion, it's also great for cleaning jewelry, watches, and silverware.  Learn More

Large Hobby Work Mat (LHBASE)

Keep your coins, stamps and other hobby supplies safe when you use this high quality Large Hobby Mat. The soft, heavy-duty desk pad design provides ideal working conditions for all collectors and protects tabletops and desks as well as your collectable items from scratches and stains. The surface of the mat is made from a smooth, lint-free material. The backside is rubberized giving it non-slip properties. The spacious mat can be cleaned with clean, warm water and is also very compact when rolled up - perfect for traveling with you to shows! Also perfect for doing repair jobs, handicrafts and maintenance work, or as a photo background. Learn More

Wide-Grip Plastic-Coated Coin Tongs (ACC187)

Special wide grip tongs with plastic covered tip allow for extra gentle handling of coins around the rim. A must-have collector's tool as it eliminates potentially harmful contact with the surface when viewing or organizing coins. Prevents exposure to skin-based acids and contaminants. Unique design allows to hold coins up to 41mm from Penny to Silver Eagle. Learn More

Item Specifications

Package Components: Lighthouse Vibration Cleaner , 4-in-1 Polishing Cloth , Large Hobby Work Mat , Wide-Grip Plastic-Coated Coin Tongs

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