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Coin Armour Anti-Corrosion Intercept Bag

Item #: CABAG


Protect your collection with the Coin Armour anti-corrosion Intercept bag. The Intercept lining of the Coin Armour bag neutralizes gases in the air which causes coins to spot, discolor, and tarnish, adding another layer of protection to your collection. The bags will hold all NGC and PCGS small coin slabs, except for piedfort. In addition it will also hold EverSlab & Coin World Premier Coin Holders. 

Size: 3-1/4" x 4" 
Protection: Corrosion barrier for all metals, fungus and bacteria inhibitor. 
Type: Translucent Polyethylene packaging material - 3 mil 
Expected Corrosion Protection Term: 5 Years 
Environment: Excellent; #4 Recyclable, Reusable, Low Carbon Footprint 
Seal: Zipper 

Item Specifications

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