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China 1 oz Silver Pandas Presentation Set

China 1 oz Silver Pandas Presentation Set



Save BIG when you buy the new Wood Presentation Case For 1 oz. Chinese Silver Pandas and (20) capsules for a complete tray of coins! This 2-product bundles includes the display case along with all of the required coin capsules for your Chinese Silver Panda 1 ounce coins for a full tray of (20) coins. Pick up additional presentation cases as your collection of coins grows! Chinese Silver Panda coins from the Chinese Mint are one of the most popular sovereign bullion coins produced and are a great way to invest in silver that has been ensured and backed by a nation's government.

Includes the following Presentation Case and matching Coin Capsules:

Wood Presentation Case For Silver Pandas (LHMK20PA)

This premium quality black presentation case is ideal for collecting the sought after 1 oz. Panda silver coins in their original capsules (not included) or bundled w/ Guardhouse 40mm Capsules.   One tray covered in black velour offers (20) spaces for the coins in their capsule, each with a diameter of 45.4 mm (1 3/4 '').   The lid cushion is upholstered in black satin and the case features a secure magnetic closure.   Elegant illustrations of China Panda silver coins are shown in elegant silver printing on lid and inside cushion.    Learn More

Guardhouse Direct-Fit Coin Capsule - 40mm (GHC4010)

Guardhouse Direct-Fit Round Holders are made of a virgin styrene acrylic polymer that is free of all oils and contaminants. The quality of the material ensures long-term crystal clear clarity. The interior holds coins snugly in a sealed chamber, but the capsules are also designed so that they can be opened if necessary. Learn More

Item Specifications

Package Components: Wood Presentation Case for Silver Pandas , Guardhouse Direct-Fit Coin Capsule - 40mm / Silver Eagle (Box of 10)

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