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Item #: CSBLUE23

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Publisher:‎ Whitman Publishing; 80th edition (May 16, 2022)


The Handbook of United States Coins is an authoritative resource showing how much coin dealers were paying on average to buy U.S. coins by type, date, and mintmark. The groundbreaking new book was an immediate hit, popular with dealers and collectors alike. The Blue Book is the #1 best-selling guide to wholesale coin prices―how much dealers will pay, on average, for your U.S. coins. The 2023 edition includes a 5-page full-color section on the new American Women quarters, and 10 illustrated case studies on how to grade your Lincoln cents, Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, Morgan dollars, and other popular American coins.

As a collector, you can use it to find out how much your coins are worth! The Blue Book’s price listings offer a real-world look at the coin market, gathered from dealers around the country. The new edition includes updated prices, special features, and many new photographs. Coverage includes colonial and early American coins, federal coins (half cents through gold double eagles), commemoratives, Proof sets, die varieties, private and territorial gold, tokens, the newest Presidential dollars, National Park quarters, bullion coins, and other United States Mint products. More than 24,000 prices in multiple grades. Easy-to-follow coin-grading instructions. Coins and tokens from the 1600s to today. Historical information. Hundreds of detailed, actual-size photos. How to start a coin collection. Detailed mintage records, and much more.
Paperback‏ : ‎ 304 pages  ISBN-10 : ‎ 0794849687      ISBN-13‏ : ‎ 978-0794849689


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