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BCW Currency Slab - Regular Bill

Item #: CBCWSR

Size:  6 1/4" (W) x 2 11/16" (H)


NEW from BCW, a safe and easy way to store and protect your currency!

The Regular Size Currency Slab holds one bill at a time. It will hold the current size of U.S. bills, but can also fit smaller bills and other paper items that fit within the slab. The slabs are stackable for easy storage in a storage box, binder, or whatever else you use to store your currency and paper money. The 2-piece snap-together design makes opening and closing this currency slab quick and easy.

Interior Dimensions: 2 11/16" (H) X 6 1/4" (W)
Exterior Dimensions: 3 5/8" (H) X 6 15/16" (W) X 3/8" (Thick)

Item Specifications

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