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Australian Koala Presentation Set

Australian Koala Presentation Set



Save BIG when you buy the new Wood Presentation Case For Silver Koalas and (20) capsules for a complete tray of coins! This 2-product bundles includes the display case along with all of the required coin capsules for your Australian Silver Koala coins for a full tray of (20) coins. Purchase additional cases as your collection grows! Australian Silver Koalas are one of the most popular sovereign bullion coins produced and are a great way to invest in silver that has been ensured and backed by a nation's government.

Includes the following Presentation Case and matching Coin Capsules:

Wood Presentation Case For Silver Koalas (LHMK20KA)

Keep your Australia Koala Silver Coins from the Perth Mint protected while still being displayed with this wood-covered presentation case. One tray covered in black velour with (20) spaces, each with a diameter of 45.4 mm (1 3/4"). Black satin lid cushion and secure magnetic closure. An elegant Koala coin designs in silver-colored printing on lid and inside cushion.   Learn More

Guardhouse Direct-Fit Coin Capsule - 40mm (GHC4010)

Guardhouse Direct-Fit Round Holders are made of a virgin styrene acrylic polymer that is free of all oils and contaminants. The quality of the material ensures long-term crystal clear clarity. The interior holds coins snugly in a sealed chamber, but the capsules are also designed so that they can be opened if necessary. Learn More

Item Specifications

Package Components: Wood Presentation Case For Silver Koalas , Guardhouse Direct-Fit Coin Capsule - 40mm / Silver Eagle (Box of 10)

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