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The Convenient NEW Way to Collect

At Amos Media, we're collectors too.

And like you, we enjoy collecting stamps by country. The world is a big place, and we all know it's most enjoyable to collect it piece by piece. And while trying to capture the whole world is overwhelming, it sure is fun. So we're always looking for ways to help you collect all the countries you collect (and more!) with ease and convenience.

That's why we set out to gather your feedback on what we could do to improve the quality of your collecting life!

Taking the Pulse of the Collector

In 2021, our editors traversed the US stamp tradeshow landscape.

At those shows we held individual and group meetings with collectors.

We gathered your concerns, ideas and hopes for the future of the hobby.

And one thing you reiterated over and over was simple, modern, easy to use tools.

And based on your valued feedback, we developed the all-new Scott Postage Stamp Checklists.

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Introducing the Scott Postage Stamp Checklist

These checklists provide you with all the basic information you need about ALL the postage stamps for a given region, plus handy checkboxes where you can keep track of the stamps you have and the stamps you want.

In each Checklist, you can expect to find:

  • ALL the stamps issued for your region (through 2020)
  • Each stamp is listed with major numbers in the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue.
  • Each stamp provides the issue date or year, the Scott number and a description.
  • You'll also see checkboxes where you can keep track of the used and new versions of each stamp
  • Plus two black checkboxes you can label yourself to keep track of other collectible options, such as never-hinged or on cover

ALL checklist are soft cover books printed on high quality paper in a portable 6x9 format

Comprehensive through 2020

The world's first known stamp was produced in 1840.

Each checklist comprises all the stamps released in their region from 1840 through 2020.

Look Inside

Take a look inside the Norway 2020 Checklist to get a feel for yourself of just how much detail these Checklists contain!

A Great Way to Start

Are you new to collecting, or looking to share the hobby with friends and family? 

The Scott Checklists make for a wonderful entry point to collecting. Consider giving one as a gift to the future collector in your life.

Don't Stop There

When you pair your Checklist with a starter album for a given country, you've got everything you need to get your collection off to a roaring start.

Once you've got the Scott Checklist for your country of choice, it's time to get the corresponding Scott Album.

Browse our full collection of Scott Albums where you can search by country and year. You can pick and choose Supplement Pages for your album, or add them later as you go.

Amos Advantage is also proud to offer the Scott Mounts you need, plus all the other stamp supplies you could ever imagine.

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