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Scott US National 2007 #75

Item #: 100S007


Size: 10 x 11.5
Hole Punch: 3-Ring & 2 Square Post
Series: National


Scott National Series Album Page: U.S. National 2007 Supplement #75 A total of 20 pages are included in this supplement. Pages 1 and 2 update your album to add spaces for Scott 10A, 11A, 25A and 26A. Page 10 shows setenant strips for Scott 4146-4150 and Scott 4160-4163 which are positioned to enable you to mount the strips with the top selvage if desired. On page 15 Scott 4192-4195 is displayed as a block of four with space allowed to mount a strip of four if desired.

The following Scott number changes occured in the 2008 Scott Catalogue. These changes effect Supplements 71 through 74 as well as this supplement.

Old No.  New No.  Old No.   New No.    Old No.   New No.    Old No.     New No.

3748A     3749        3749     3750       3749A     3751        3749B        3752 

3749C     3754        3750     3755       3750A     3756        3751        3757

3757       3758

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