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Scott US Comprehensive PNC 2005 #18

Item #: 114S005


Size:  10 x 11.5
Hole Punch:  3-Ring & 2 Square Post ole
Series: Specialty


Scott National Series Album Pages: U.S. Comprehensive Plate Number Coils 2005 Supplement #18 This supplement contains a total of 22 pages. Pages 1-4, 6-9, 11-14, 18 and 19 update and replace previous pages due to revisions or additions to the Scott U.S. Specialized Catalogue listings. Pages 5, 10, 15-17 and 20-22 provide spaces for new catalogue listings.

All plate number coils issued through August 4,2005,as listed in the 2006 Scott U.S. Specialized Catalogue, are included.

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