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Scott US Comprehensive PNC 1994 #8

Item #: 114S094


Size: 10 x 11.5
Hole Punch: 3-Ring & 2 Square Post
Series: National


Scott National Series Album Pages: U.S. Comprehensive Plate Number Coils 1994 Supplement #8. 

 This supplement contains a total of 21 pages. This supple­ment reflects the following Scott number changes listed in the 1995 Scott U.S. Specialized. To reduce the number of stamps you need to remount, existing album pages pages the old Scott numbers will not be replaced until additional changes are needed. Pages 2, 3 and 4 replace and update pages l, 4 and 2: of Supplement No. 6; pages 6, 13 and 16 update and replace pages 5, 8 and 12 of Supplement No. 7. 

The following stamps issued in 1994 were not available until after our production deadline and are not included in this supplement: "G" Series Scott 2888 (first-class pre-sort), 2889 (black G), 2890 (blue G), 2891 (red G, perforated), 2892 (red G, rouletted) and 0152 C official). You may use the blank pages that accompany this supplement to moant the omitted stamps until an album page is released. You can also use Scott's Advantage stock sheets for tempo­rary storage. Advantage stock sheets are available from your authorized Scott Dealer or can be ordered from own Customer Service Representatives at 1-800 -5-SCOTT-5. To mount the plate number coils in this sup­plement, you will need the following ScottMounts: Order Number 922 ,927,940 and 949 . 

Old Numbers    New Numbers

2604                2602

2605                2603

2606                2604

2607                2605

2608                2606

2608A              2607

2608B              2608

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