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Scott US American 2017 #78

Item #: 170S017


A total of 33 pages are included in this supplement. Scott numbers 1149, 1158,1168, New York and 598, 610, Vienna have been omitted because they are too large to fit on a page. Booklet panes containing more than one unique stamp assigned a major number will be displaJred as listed in the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue and Scott New Listings Update, usually as a block of 4, 6, 8 etc. However, when possible we will allow room to display the entire booklet for those collectors who wish to do so.

The border on page 6 had to be partially obscured to allow placement of the sheet. Page 3 contains the vertical pair of Scott 5252 & 5253, these are listed in the Scott New Listings Update as a vertical pair in tete-bechee format and displayed as such.

Because the United States Postal Service issues mostly self-adhesive stamps we will no longer label them as such, rather we will label water-activated stamps where appropriate. To better accommodate the mounting of self-adhesive stamps, we have increased the mount size.

This supplement is complete with all listings assigned a major Scott number through December 2017 in the Scott standard Postage stamp Catalogue and Scott New Listings Update, round in the Linn's stamp News monthly issue.

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