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Scott US American 1999 #60

Item #: 170S099


Size:  10 x 11.5
Hole Punch:  3-Ring & 2 Square Post
Series: Specialty


Scott American Series Album Pages: US American 1999 Supplement #60 (42 Pages). A total of 41 pages are included in this supplement. Pages 21 and 22 update and replace pages 14 of Supplement No. 53 (1932), 16 of upplement No. 59 (1997) and 20 of Supplement No. 59 ( 1998). On page 7 for Scott 3288-3292 (Arctlc Animals) and page 9 for Scott 3317-3320 (Aquar1um, space was left to mount a strlp with the top label. On page 10 Sco1it 3310-3313 (Tropical Flowers), space is allowed to mount t-wo panes if it is desired to show both sides. 

NOTE: On page 14 of Supplement No. 30 (1998), the far left illustration for Scott 3202a Alexander Calder is incorrect; and on page 17 the illustrations for Scott 3250 and 3261 are switched. With our apologlies, these oversights will be corrected in the next album reprint. No replacement pages will be issued.
United States Scott 0133, 0134 and 0157 are being held pending release of additional stamps that will complete an album page.

All stamps for the United Nations issued through 1999, as listed in the Scott Catalogue, are included.

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Item Subjects: Scott, American

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