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Scott US American 1993 #54

Item #: 170S093


Size:  10 x 11.5
Hole Punch:  3-Ring & 2 Square Post 
Series: Specialty


Scott American Series Album Pages: US American 1993 Supplement #54. A total of 17 pages appear in this supplement. This year's supplement pages have been designed to give you the greatest amount of flexibility possible. Two blank pages bearing the title "American Music Series" are includ­ed 'With this supplement, allowing you to mount whatever configurations of those stamps you prefer. Blank pages also have been provided with this supplement, which can be used to mount strips of both the National Postal Museum Scott 8779-8782, amd Classic Books Scott 2785-2788. The pages for the Christmas stamps have been designed so that you can collect one of each design or every major catalogue number associated with the issue. On page 9 of this supplement, space has been provided for you to mount the Contemporary Christmas Scott 2791-2794 strip of 4 beneath the blook of 4 illustration. Space has been provided on page 10 for you to mount the ooil self-adhesive Contemporary Christmas Soott 2799-2802. Page 11 updates and replaces page 6 of Sup­ plemmt No. 82 Part 1 (1991). 
Included in this supplement are three blank United Nations pages for oollectors who wish to mount the Human Rights issues in strips of three with the se-tenant language tabs. Also, included are titled pages for the environment-Climate stamps, which will allow you the flexability to mount whichever con­figuration of these issues you wish to include in your collection.

All United Nations stamps issued through 1993, as listed in the Scott Catalogue, are included. 

The following United States stamps, issued in 993 or previous years, are not included: Soott 8184A, 2184B, 2193, 2482B, 2478-2480, 2491, 2498, 2843, 2894B, 260B-2606 and 8608B are part of developing sets and will appear in a future supplement. Soott C132 is being held pending release of additional stamps that would complete an albumn page.

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