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Scott International Part 01B-2: 1840-1940 Reunion - Zululand

Item #: 801B240


Scott International Album Pages: Part 1B2 1840-1940 (304 double sided pages). Stamps from the following countries are found in this part: Reunion; Rhodesia; Rio De Oro; Roman States; Romania; Rouad; Ruanda-Urundi; Russia; Saar; St. Christopher; St. Helena; St. Kitts-Nevis; St. Lucia; St. Pierre & Miquelon; St. Thomas & Prince Islands; St. Vincent; Ste. Marie De Madagascar; Salvador; Samoa; San Marino; Sarawak; Sardinia; Saudi Arabia; Saxony; Schleswig; Senegal; Senegambia and Niger; Serbia; Seychelles; Shanghai; Siam; Sierra Leone; Somalia; Somali Coast; Somaliland Protectorate; South Africa; South Australia; South Russia; South West Africa; Southern Nigeria; Southern Rhodesia; Spain; Spanish Guinea; Spanish Morocco; Spanish Sahara; Straits Settlements; Sudan; Surinam; Swaziland; Sweden; Switzerland; Syria; Tahiti; Tanganyika; Tannu Tuva; Tasmania; Tete; Thrace; Tibet; Timor; Tobago; Togo; Tonga; Transcaucasian Federated Republics; Transvaal; Trinidad; Trinidad & Tobago; Tripolitania; Tunisia; Turkey; Turkey in Asia; Turks Islands; turks and Caicos Islands; Ubangi; Uganda; Ukraine; Upper Senegal and Niger; Upper Silesia; Upper Volta; Uruguay; Vatican City; Venezuela; Victoria; Virgin Islands; Wallis and Futuna Islands; Western Australia; Western Ukraine; Wurttemberg; Yemen; Zambezia; Zanzibar; Zululand. Binder, slipcase, binder label and glassine interleaving are sold separately.

The Scott International album series did not start including Scott numbers until 1971, starting with Part 8, with the exception of United States.

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