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The Scott United States Hingeless Supplement is the first of it's kind but with a familiar look!

Designed with Your Convenience in Mind

  • Featuring pre-mounted pages with clear stamp mounts, the Scott Hingeless Supplement is the easiest way to collect the most popular U.S. Stamp Issues.
  • Don't worry about buying stamp mounts separately since every page is already pre-mounted with stamp mounts.
  • For convenient reference, the Scott Catalogue Number appears in EACH space.

Compatible with...

The Scott Specialty Universal Post Binder - click here to shop!

The Schaubek Hingeless album supplements AND fit in Schaubek Senator 6-Ring Binders.

When you pair these items together, you have everything need to store your U.S. stamps from this time period.

More Details

  • Size: 10.875 x 11.5
  • Hole Punch: 9
  • Format: Hingeless (Pre-Mounted)
  • Series: Scott Hingeless

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