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Scott Great Britain Machins 2000-2001 #2A

Scott Great Britain Machins 2000-2001 #2A

Item #: 200M001A


Scott Specialty Series Album Pages: Great Britain Machin Head Definitives 2000-2001 Supplement 2A (revised 1 Page). - All pages that were part of Supplement #2 (#200M001) were replaced in Supplement #3 200M003 - Great Britain Machins 2002-2003, with the exception of 1 page. This one page is included Supplement 2A, #200M001A. Customers who still need Supplement #2 will have all the pages they need if they obtain Supplements 2A (200M001A) and 3 (200M003). This only applies to Great Britain Machin album pages (200GBM1) copyrighted prior to 2003. -

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