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Lighthouse Intercept Multi-Purpose Protection Box



The new line of Lighthouse Intercept storage boxes provide active protection against tarnishing thanks to patented INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY. This glossy white boxes is manufactured of sturdy inert materials and are archival quality. Each box features INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY lining which purifies the atmosphere inside the box. This storage box is suitable for the storage and preservation of coins made of cooper, bronze, silver, and gold.

The Lighthouse Intercept Mult-Purpose Protection Box is suitable for a variety of collectibles, including large proof and mint sets, graded multi-coin holders, and more. It comes with 4 removable partitions for easier organization of your collection. Perfect for Coin Sets and other large coin cases that aren't traditional slabs or capsules.

Dimensions: 13 1/4" x 7 3/4" x 6 1/2" (336 x 189 x 165 mm)

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