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Dansco US 2-Cent & 3-Cent Nickel Coins (6108)

Item #: DCSAL09


This album contains two pages. The first page has 10 spaces for 2-Cent pieces from 1864-1872, and includes spaces for both Large and Small Motto 1864 coins. The second page has 23 spaces for 3-Cent Nickel pieces from 1865-1889, and includes spaces for 1873 Closed & Open 3 coins. Dansco album 6108.

Coin Type: US Cents
# of Spaces: 33
# of Pages: 2
Compatible Slipcase: DANSCO 5/8" SLIPCASE 

Item Specifications

Item Subjects: Cents, Shield Cent, Copper-Nickel

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