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Coin World Premier Holder Case

Item #: CWCSE02P


The stackable Coin World Premier Coin Case is designed to hold up to 25 Coin World Premiere Coin Holders (#CWCH01P-CWCH39P) and PCGS-Certified coins (will NOT fit NGC holders).The opaque black plastic bottom contains slots for the holders, while the clear top permits users to view the ID tags of the holders inside the case.

Dimensions: 2.875" W x 3.5" H x 10.75" L

Customer Note: This case is NOT designed for the Standard Coin World Coin Holders (#CWCH01-CWCH30). These holders are no longer produced but in case you had some of these holders, take note. You can replace your old Coin World Coin Holders with the NEW Coin World Premiere Coin Holders

Item Specifications

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