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2019 Scott Specialized Catalogue Of United States Stamps And Covers

Item #: C19S

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The 2019 Scott Catalogues have been Discontinued. Checkout the Newest Scott Catalogues Today!

The 2019 edition marks the 97th edition of the Scott U.S. Specialized catalog.

Unlike in the 2018 U.S. Specialized catalog, where the large number of lowered values for stamps in very fine condition was the story, the biggest story this year are the editorial enhancements to the catalog. Many editorial enhancements and improvements have been made in the 2019 U.S. Specialized catalog. These include comprehensive additions to the many footnotes concerning uncut press sheets of the die-cut convertible (double-sided) booklet panes of 20, which yield imperforate-between pairs plus cross-gutter blocks of four imperforate within. These interesting varieties are now listed and valued in the footnotes.

Two Special Feature articles in the 2019 Scott U.S. Specialized catalog explain significant listing changes in two back of the book sections of the catalog: Confederate States of America General Issues and Puerto Rico.

The first article carries the byline of well-known dealer, researcher and author Patricia Kaufmann, who speaks with first-hand knowledge and logic concerning original gum on Confederate States of America stamps. This article explains and announces a change in Scott listing policy in valuing almost all the Confederate stamps in unused condition. Please read this article and the rewritten notes and listings in this catalog section to fully grasp this change in valuing philosophy and practice.

The second article, by respected dealer, collector and author Bill DiPaolo, deals with the controversial subject of the unused 1898 5¢ Ponce, Puerto Rico stamp, Scott 200. Again, this is an article that should be studied carefully, because it explains in some detail the reasons the Scott editors have decided to delist this well-known stamp, which was not listed for decades after its supposed issuance, and is now delisted, with explanatory notes.

Contains detailed information for the following stamp categories:

U.S. Postage - Air Post - Plate Blocks - First Day Covers - Postal Stationery - Essays - Proofs - Computer Vended Postage - 19th Century Carriers & Locals - Booklets - Revenue Stamps - Telegraph Stamps - U.S. Confederate States - U.S. Possessions - Canal Zone - Danish West Indies - Guam - Hawaii - Cuba - Puerto Rico - Philippines - Ryukyu Islands - United Nations

Select Editorial Enhancements for the Specialized Catalogue:

  • Modern Errors: Collectors of modern errors will be pleased to see the addition of 10 new listings. One of the more intriguing is the 59¢ James Michener with blue and yellow omitted, which enters the 2019 U.S. Specialized catalog as Scott 3427Ad. This error was discovered on a pane of 20 Michener stamps that have the blue, magenta and yellow omitted (3427Ac).
  • Test Stamps and Test Booklets: The Test Stamps and Test Booklets sections have been thoroughly reviewed, and a plethora of corrections and additions have been made, including the addition of 16 new major and minor listings. Numerous illustrations also have been added or replaced. Specialists in these areas are encouraged to review carefully these sections.
  • New Section: An entirely new section of nonpostal and revenue counterfeits has been added to the 2019 catalog. This section consists of the scarce counterfeit of the 1919 $5 War Savings stamp, Scott WS4, plus seven rare revenue counterfeits.

Preview inside the 2019 Scott Specialized Catalogue Of United States Stamps And Covers:

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