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search tips
This page describes how you can search for Scott products while shopping.

Search For Products by Category

In the search box select the category to find and click Go. If search returns a large number of items, part of the search results are displayed in the list of items. Use the links in the Results line at the bottom of the list to display additional items. If you wish to narrow the search in the category selected, enter the words in the description field (see below for more information) and then click Go. You can also search by category by using the tabs at the top or by clicking on the category in the Browse Products box.
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Search by Description

You can enter a string of characters you want to find in the description of the item. Do not use quotation marks. The look up is not case sensitive and will find descriptions containing the exact characters (spaces are significant).
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Search by Product Number

Type Scott product number in the Search for Products box.

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