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frequently asked questions
This page has Frequently Asked Questions, commonly answered by customer service. Many of these questions will link to other help pages and sections.

Is it safe to send credit card information over the internet?

Yes, we process over 400 orders a day and have over 30,000 satisfied customers using the Internet system. We use the latest technology to secure your transaction and personal information. For more details, see our Secure Shopping Guarantee.
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Do I have to pay sales tax or use tax?

We charge sales tax on all items to comply with the tax laws as we interpret them. For details, see Sales Tax.
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Can I order from a real person over the telephone?

Yes, you can order over the Internet or contact one of our service representatives. Our service representative can assist you in using the Internet or can take your order. For telephone number and hours available, see Customer Service.
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What is your return policy?

Returns or exchanges must be made 45 days of purchase. For more details, see Return Policy.
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What should I do if something is damaged in shipping?

Contact Customer Service immediately to arrange to return the damaged item and have replacement item sent. Do not return any merchandise without contacting Customer Service.
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How can I tell the availability of an item?

At the time you are placing your order, the system lets you know whether an item is in stock or not available.
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How can I find out more information about an item?

We display all of the information about an item the item lookup page. If you have questions about an item, contact Customer Service.
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Can I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order, if we have not shipped it, by contacting Customer Service.
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Is my information, including name, address, number, and purchase details, safe from third parties?

We do not release any information to third parties at any time. Your purchase information and account information is always under our protection. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

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