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A FREE Service Tailored to YOUR Needs

As you browse our vast catalog of products, you may occasionally come across some items that say "On-Demand", "Available on Demand" or "Print on Demand".

These are known as Print on Demand (POD) products. Here's what it means:

  1. We do not have that product in stock, but we won’t let that stop us from getting it for you.

  2. We're willing to have it professionally printed, just for you. At no additional charge.

Here's how it works

The Print on Demand service is a FREE service in which we will arrange for a freshly, professionally printed version of your product as soon as you order it.  Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Once you find the Print on Demand product you want, just add it to your shopping cart.

  2. From there, follow the usual steps in our shopping cart to complete your order.

  3. Then, our team will add your Print on Demand product or products to our list of upcoming print jobs. All our printed products are professionally printed at a local printing partner whose quality, service and timeliness we’ve come to trust.

  4. Once your product is printed, it is sent to our warehouse where we package it and then ship it to you - at no additional cost. We process your payment for your Print on Demand item(s) at this point.

Why Print on Demand?

At Amos Advantage, we are known for our large inventory of products at our centrally located Ohio warehouse. We have shelves and shelves of storage racks stacked floor to ceiling containing the collector supplies you’ve come to depend on us for.

But we don’t have room to keep every single one of our thousands of products in stock. Normally, other businesses would be forced to make a decision about which products to continue carrying, usually based on sales volume.

But not us.

Thanks to our Print on Demand service, we can continue to carry these products well after we've sold out of our initial inventory. That’s because we professionally print a brand-new product for each customer that orders a Print on Demand product.

In short, this FREE service affords us with the ability to maintain an unmatched inventory of products and ensure we continue to meet the needs of the collectors who rely on us.

How long does it take?

Please allow up to 15 days for your Print on Demand order to ship.

It takes us some time to gather the orders, coordinate them with our printing partner, perform quality control, return them to our warehouse, and then ship them to you.

That sounds like a lot of steps – and it is. But these are necessary steps to ensure a quality product and service experience for you, our valued customer.

And remember, this is a FREE service. This means we take all these extra steps for YOU and at OUR OWN COST. That’s the Amos Advantage.

Last, while Print On Demand orders often ship well within the 15 day period, we've provided that estimate so you are not surprised in the rare event that it takes all 15 days.

Is there a minimum?

Nope! You can place a Print on Demand order for as little as a single item!

What if I want to cancel?

We understand that sometimes plans change. And while we hope you'll never have to cancel, we're happy to honor your cancellation request even if we've already initiated the printing. That's the Amos Advantage.

If you wish to cancel before it ships, just contact us. You can also check the status of your order at any time in My Account.

What if I order other stuff?

You can place an order that contains Print on Demand PLUS other items without an issue! Here’s what will happen:

  1. Add your Print on Demand item to the shopping cart along with your other in-stock items

  2. Complete checkout by following the usual steps in our shopping cart

  3. At checkout, you will be charged only for products that are in stock, and if applicable, shipping (Note: you may be eligible for free shipping, learn more)

  4. Your in stock products will ship asap and your Print on Demand order will be sent to our printing partner

  5. Once your Print on Demand items are ready, we will charge you for them and then ship them to you separately – at no additional charge

What about Pre-Orders?

Whenever possible, we release products for “Pre-Order” as early as possible. Pre-Order products ship as soon as they are released. Learn more about Pre-Orders on Amos Advantage.

Just like any Pre-Order product, when a Print on Demand product is available for Pre-Order, it won’t ship until it is released. To find out the release date, please see the product page for the item in question, or contact us.

All Print on Demand products are released with an initial inventory quantity. Once they sell out, they are exclusively available as “Print on Demand” products going forward. You’ll also see a “Back Ordered” label on such products, notifying you of their status.

What about Back Ordered products?

Once a Print on Demand product has sold through it’s initial inventory, it becomes “Back Ordered”.

This indicates that we do not have it in stock, and we are happy to print it On Demand for you. You can confidently add it to your cart and check out with it, and we’ll get it printed and sent your way asap.

Why are some years skipped?

Every year we gather all the data we can for each new supplement and unfortunately some years, there is not enough material to create a quality product.

When this happens, the following year, or the next supplement we release, will have all the updates for current and skipped year. Click here to see the full list of supplements not being produced in 2022.