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Looking for help with the Scott Digital Catalogue subscription?

You've come to the right place. On this page, you'll find:

  1. About the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription. All about this exciting new product, and how it differs from our traditional printed catalogs.
  2. How to Manage Your Subscription. Including accessing your subscription, cancelling your subscription, renewing your subscription, updating your account and more.
  3. Getting the Most Out of the Scott Digital Catalogue. Includes how to how to search within countries and ACROSS countries, zoom in, how to navigate our content menus, tips for finding stamps quickly and more.

About the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription

What is the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription?

The Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription represents a major milestone in the evolution the Scott Catalogue, the storied stamp valuation catalog which has been in publication since 1868. 

Plainly put, the digital subscription grants subscribers access to the same printed material but now in a digital format you can access from anywhere there's internet access. Plus, the digital subscription offers more content, search, navigation, more timely stamp listing updates and much more.

Not only that, but the digital format makes the catalogs lightweight and portable. You don't even need to remember to bring it with you, just log in to a computer, tablet or mobile device with a web browser whenever you get to where you're going.

The Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription is new for 2022, becoming first available in Spring 2022. And now you can subscribe to the edition or editions of your choice. Ready to get started? Follow the link below:

Shop Scott Digital Catalogue Subscriptions

What all is required for me to use the Scott Digital Catalogue subscription?

Plainly put, most people can access the subscription catalog with ease. It only requires an internet-connected desktop, tablet or smartphone running a web browser.

Recommended devices: Apple iPhone, Android phones, Apple iPad, Android Tablets, Desktop Computers (PC, Mac or Chromebook).

Recommended web browsers: We recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari. The catalog may run well on any number of modern web browsers as well.

What devices are supported?

We designed the subscription to be accessible by the most important devices we could think of: all of yours. That’s why it runs on any device that has a modern browser (see above) and internet connection. Chances are good that if you can read this, you can access the digital catalog subscription.

Supported devices include: mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers that run web browsers. If you can get online and surf the web, the Scott Digital Catalog subscription is for you!

Can I access my subscription from multiple devices?

Yes! And we encourage it. Our subscription catalog is designed to work well on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. You can switch from device to device with ease. Just log in securely using your personal login information on each device. For information on how to log in, see the next section below.

I heard about a Risk-Free Guarantee. What is that?

We’re so excited about the convenience and versatility this product will offer stamp collectors for generations to come, we’ve created a Risk Free Guarantee for all new subscribers to get in and try it out. This allows you to try the new format yourself, without necessarily committing to a full year. Learn more about the Risk-Free Guarantee.

What are the differences between the print catalog and the digital catalog subscription?

In short, they are very similar, except for two important differences:

  1. The digital catalog automatically updates each year with new listings when the corresponding annual print edition is published. This means you don’t need to place a new order or wait for shipping the way you would for a print catalog.
  2. The digital catalog contains many more images than the print edition.

Keep reading to learn how the catalogs are created, how they differ and why.

For more than 150 years, the Scott Catalogue has been updated annually with a new print edition that includes new and revised stamp listings and images from the prior year. And that proud tradition continues today and will continue well into the future in BOTH print and digital formats.

To achieve these updates, our experts work tirelessly year-round to obtain stamps from all corners of the globe and then catalog them. Then, once a year, we publish a new annual edition of each volume of the Scott Catalogue. This new annual edition contains those new and updated listings.

Now, with your Scott digital catalog subscription, you get the same updates as soon as the new catalog is published each year. You won’t have to remember to order a new one, wait for shipping, deal with inventory shortages or rising paper prices or jump through any other hoops. Subscribing to the digital catalog ensures you’ll always have the latest values.

That’s just a sampling of why we’re so excited about the digital catalog. But there’s even more…

In addition to always ensuring you have the latest values, your digital catalog subscription also contains more content than you can get in the print catalog: namely, more images.

At Amos Media, we’ve been publishing the Scott Catalogue since 1984. Over the course of almost four decades, we’ve accumulated hundreds of thousands of high-resolution stamp images in color. But we’ve been unable to show you most of them, because to print them all would result in an excessively large, heavy and expensive print catalog.

Until now.

Once again, the Scott digital subscription offers an exciting new opportunity that wasn’t possible in print, and we’ve taken full advantage of it. We’ve begun actively working to include more images in the digital subscription every year going forward.

In fact, when we launch the 2023 Scott Catalogue Volume 1 in April of 2022, we’ll also update the digital subscription to match all of its latest values.

Just how many more images are in the Digital Subscription than the printed product?

We’re proud to announce that beginning each month in 2022, each digital subscription catalog contains MORE images than we could fit into the print edition. Here's how many more images you get in each of the Digital Subscriptions as compared to their Printed counterparts:

  • Volume 1: 1,000+ more images than print

  • Volume 2: 700+ more images

  • Volume 3: 1,100+ more images

  • Volume 4: 500+ more images

  • Volume 5: 1,200+ more images

  • Volume 6: 900+ more images

  • US Specialized Catalogue: 1,100+

  • Classic Specialized Catalogue: check back soon!

And this is just the start. Our teams are hard at work including more and more images for every volume of the Scott digital catalog subscription every year going forward.

* Additional images listed will be available at the beginning of the month when each catalogue is updated. For more about this schedule, see below.

What sort of updates can I expect each year?

Your subscription will receive all the same updates you've come to expect from the Printed Edition of the Scott Catalogues after all these years: hundreds of new listings, thousands of value changes, and numerous editorial additions and enhancements. 

PLUS the Digital Subscription will continue to be exclusively be updated to provide MORE images that are not available in the print edition.

Last, in the case of the U.S. Specialized volume, we are excited to announce that we plan to make monthly updates to this edition, which also happens to be our best seller (and we think it should be on the radar of any US stamp collector!). Every month, we'll add new stamp issues. And twice a year (in April and October) we'll also be updating values as well. These updates are simply not possible in the printed medium. But they are yours for the taking when you subscribe to the digital US Specialized.

When can I expect my subscription to be updated?

Your subscription will be updated automatically each year when the Printed Edition of the volume you're subscribed to is released. We have followed the same schedule for years and it is published below.

  • April: Volume 1 (United States, United Nations and countries of the world beginning with A & B)

  • May: Volume 2 (Countries C, D, E and F)

  • June: Volume 3 (Countries G, H and I)

  • July: Volume 4 (Countries J, K, L and M)

  • August: Volume 5 (Countries N, O, P, Q, R, and S through “San-“)

  • September: Volume 6 (Countries S beginning with “Sam-“, T, U, V, W, Y and Z)

  • October: US Specialized Scott Catalogue of Stamps and Covers (Our BEST Seller!). In addition to being updated in October when the printed edition is released, this volume ALSO receives a major set of value updates in April. PLUS every month new issues are added. We've really pulled out all the stops for this special volume.

  • November: Classic Specialized (World 1840-1940) Scott Catalogue

I thought I could purchase standalone Digital Editions of the Scott Catalogue for a given calendar year (i.e. 2021, 2022, etc)?

Standalone Digital Editions of the Scott Catalogue were available for purchase on from 2014 until March 21st, 2022. They are no longer available for sale.

The only digital catalog we offer going forward is the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription. This was a necessary step for us as we strive to keep costs at a minimum for YOU while also enabling our team to deliver the BEST possible experience for one product instead of of an inferior experience on two. 

If you previously purchased standalone Digital Editions of the Scott Catalogue, rest assured you can continue to access your purchase. Instructions for that are below. As time goes by, and you find yourself looking for more recent informatino, you may wish to consider the new Subscription and all it has to offer!

How can I access my previously purchased standalone Digital Edition of the Scott Catalogue?

If you previously purchased a standalone Digital Edition of the Scott Catalogue, you can continue to access it following the steps below.

How to Access the Standalone Digital Edition of the Scott Catalogue
Please note: these instructions are different than those for the New Digital Subscription!

Your old standalone catalog purchases will continue to be accessed by following these steps:

  1. Visit 
  2. Log in
  3. At the top of the page, click My Purchases. You will then be able to access your purchases, just as you always have!
  4. OR go to My Account and click Purchased Catalogs

If you are instead looking to acces your Subscription, those instructions are further below.

Who or what is Amos Advantage?

Amos Advantage is an online store for hobbyists and enthusiasts like you! The store offers a broad selection of Stamp and Coin collecting supplies.

Amos Advantage is operated by Amos Media. Amos Media is the longtime publisher of the Scott Catalogue. Amos Media also publishes other titles, including Linn’s Stamp News magazine and Coin World magazine.

Located centrally in the US, Amos Advantage makes it convenient to get your supplies and printed materials shipped anywhere in the US (and abroad!) with ease.

Learn more about the Amos Advantage story.

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How to Manage Your Subscription

How can I get a Scott Digital Catalogue subscription?

At this time, Subscriptions can be purchased exclusively from

We’ve made it easy to browse our selection of catalogs. You’ll be able to choose from all the print volumes you’re used to, including all 6 alphabetical editions, plus the Classic and Specialized.

To shop for digital subscriptions, you can do so on the Amos Advantage website.

Shop Scott Digital Catalogue Subscriptions on Amos Advantage now

How do I access the catalogs I’ve subscribed to?

We’ve designed it so accessing the catalogs is simple, easy and convenient. Once you subscribe to the catalog(s) of your choice, you’ll have several ways to access them.

First, you’ll be sent an email with your access instructions, and a link.

Second, at any time, you can return to Amos Advantage, and log in to your account. Once you log in, go to My Account and look for My Digital Scott Catalogs.

Third, you can bookmark the Scott Catalog once you open it in the internet browser of your choice.

Having trouble accessing your digital subscription? Contact us today for further assistance.

How do I manage my subscription?

We’ve made it easy to manage your subscription to the Scott Digital Catalogs. Simply return to and log in to your account.

Once you’ve logged into your Amos Advantage account, you can go to My Account and look for My Digital Scott Catalogs.

Once there, you will be able to: 

  • See all your catalog subscriptions
  • Access each of your catalog subscriptions
  • Cancel your subscription
  • See your original order date and receipt

How can I pay for the subscription?

At this time, subscriptions are only availble via Credit Card. To subscribe, simply follow the link below, then choose your catalog, add it to your shopping cart, and check out. 

Shop Scott Digital Catalogue Subscriptions on Amos Advantage now

What if my payment information has changed?

We always encourage you to keep your account up-to-date to avoid any lapse in your subscription. We've made it easy for you to do this in the My Account section of this website. Simple go to your Account and look for "Saved Payment Methods".

Does my subscription automatically renew?

All subscriptions to the Scott Digital Catalog automatically renew annually prior to your subscription expiration!

Prior to your renewal, we will send you a courtesy reminder via email letting you know in advance of the upcoming renewal and giving you the option to consider whether or not you wish to continue with the renewal or cancel your subscription.

If you prefer not to renew, you may cancel your subscription at any time. Just log in with your Amos Advantage account, and go to My Account and look for My Digital Scott Catalogs.

What if I don't like the subscription?

It is our goal to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with every purchase. With that in mind, we understand sometimes a customer wants or needs to cancel. That's why we’ve created a Refund page to clearly explain policies for unsatisfied customers. For more information, please see our Refund page.

What happens if I cancel?

When you cancel your subscription, you will lose access and receive a refund in accordance with our refund policy. Refund amount varies based on when you cancel, relative to when you subscribed. We've published the full details of our cancellation policy here: Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription Refunds

Can I share my digital subscription with family/friends?

We designed the catalog subscription to be used by individuals and not to be shared amongst multiple people. Sharing your subscription with other parties (including families and friends) is discouraged and we reserve the right to limit access by third parties to your subscription in the event we detect such abuses.

We appreciate your decision to support our product and hope you appreciate the work our expert philatelists, technology team and operations teams have poured in to make this feature-packed digital product possible today and going forward. Without your individual support, we wouldn’t be able to continue providing this service at this low price point.

Please also be aware: If you choose to share your subscription information with a third party, you will also be granting them access to your entire Amos Advantage account, including your profile, order history, saved payment methods and more. For your own security, we strongly recommend against providing anyone else with your account login information.

How do I log in to my Amos Advantage account?

Here’s how you can get to your account:

  1. Visit any page on
  2. At the top right, look for either of the following:
    • Look for a message that says "Welcome, [Your first name]!"
      • This means you are already logged in.
      • Simply click on your name to get to your account page.
    • Look for the words “Log In”.
      • Click on Log In.
      • You’ll be taken to a page where you can enter your login information.
      • Once you enter your account information, you’ll be logged in and taken to your account page.
  3. Alternatively, at any time, you can simply click this to go directly to your account (you may be prompted to log in first): My Amos Advantage Account

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Getting the Most Out of the Scott Digital Catalogue

How the Catalogues are structured

Traditionally we have grouped our listings by country for your convenience and we continue to do so as we introduce innovative new digital solutions to ensure a the smoothest possible transition in your collecting!

Within each catalog is an Index. The Index contains a list of Sections. Learn about how they are structured below.

What is an Index?

Scott Digital Catalogue Volume 3 Index Screen
The index of the Volume 3 (Countries G-I)

Scott Digital Catalogue World Set Index ScreenThe Index of the World Set (Volume 1-6)

An Index is a listing of all Sections available within your subscription. 

Once you access your Subscription, the first thing you'll see is an Index. This index will show everything you have access to in your subscription.

If you subscribe to a set, you'll see an Index that lists all the individual volumes (i.e. Volume 1, Volume 2, etc). Each of these volumes has their own index, which you can see when you click on them at the top of your World Set Index. You can even search within each Volume OR across all of them! See below under: How Search Works.

What is a Section?

A Section is a grouping within each catalog.

Sections can be country specific (i.e. United States, Ukraine, etc) or they can be a collection of information not specific to a single countries (i.e. Introduction, Illustrated identifier, or a sub-section of the US within the US Specialized volume).

Clicking or tapping on the section will open that section in a new browser tab. For more about browser tabs, see below under: Browse different countries in different browser tabs.

How Search works

First of all, search within the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription is fast. Faster than the previous standalone catalogs that were discontinued in early 2022.

Second, and unlike previous versions of the Scott digital catalog, the search found within the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription has been thoughtfully conceived to allow you to search the FULL text content of the catalog. This can be very powerful but also provide more information than you may want to see at once. Which is why we've also taken care to create multiple useful ways of searching narrowly as well as broadly. Here are some examples, with steps further below:

  • Search across multiple countries (or sections) - Allows you to search all countries within your volume for a specific topic, Scott number or any other term.
  • Search within a country (or section) - Allows you to search a specific country for a topic, Scott number or any other term.
  • Search across the ENTIRE world - Allows you to search ALL countries within your subscription for a specific topic (very powerful!) or anyt other term.

Third, search results appear as you type. Searching for "European"? Well, you can see the number of results update instantly with each keystroke as you type the word in.

How to Search across multiple countries (or sections)

Scott Digital Catalogue Volume 3 Search Screen
The Search screen within Volume 3, on desktop.

This applies to ALL digital catalog subscriptions.

Each Volume includes multiple sections. For most catalogs, each section is a country. In the case of the US specialized, the United States is broken into sections. Also included with each catalog are additional non-country specific sections like the Introduction, Illustrated identifier and more. These steps will show you how you can search across all of them -- at once!


  1. Open your subscription by going to Amos Advantage Account and then My Digital Scott Catalogs. Then, open your subscription.
  2. A new window opens and your subscription will be visible.
  3. At the top right, you should see a Search Icon Scott Digital Catalogue Search Icon. Click or tap that icon to reveal the search menu.
  4. A Search Box will appear. Tap or click in it to begin typing.
  5. Type in the topic, Scott number or term you want to search for. The results will begin to appear as you type!
  6. Note: If you subscribe to a Set, but only want to search a specific Volume within that Set, you can use the drop-down box to the right of the Search Box to narrow your search to the volume of your choosing.

How to Search within a country (or sections)

Scott Digital Catalogue Mobile Search Screen
The search screen within the Germany Section of Volume 3, on mobile.

This applies to ALL digital catalog subscriptions.

Each Volume contains many countries, but sometimes you don't want to search across all of them. Maybe you subscribe to Volume 3 and are only interested in searching Germany. With the digital subscription, it's possible! Here's how.


  1. Open your subscription by going to Amos Advantage Account and then My Digital Scott Catalogs. Then, open your subscription.
  2. A new window opens and your subscription will be visible. You're looking at the Index.
  3. Within the Index, choose the country (or section) you want to search within. Click or tap on it to open it in a new tab.
  4. If you're on a desktop, you will see a menu tab at the top of your screen. When you move your mouse over it, it will reveal several options, including a Search icon. [see Fig. A, below)
  5. If you're on a mobile device, do a "long press" on your screen (this is when you touch the screen with a finger and hold it there for a second) and then release. A menu will appear, and in it you will see a Search option. [see Fig. B, below]
  6. Tap or click the search option to begin typing.
  7. Type in the topic, Scott number or term you want to search for. The results will begin to appear as you type!

Fig. A. The search menu as it appears on Desktop devices (PC, Mac, etc):
Scott Digital Catalogue Search Menu

Fig. B. The search menu as it appears on mobile and touch-enabled devices (phones, tablets, etc)
Scott Digital Catalogue Mobile Index Screen

How to Search across the ENTIRE world

Scott Digital Catalogue World Set Search ScreenThe World Set Index where you can search the entire world at once.

This is only possible for subscribers to products that contain stamps from the entire world. As of now, there are only two products in which this is possible: Classic Specialized (1840-1940 World) and the World Set (Volume 1-6).

If you've subscribed to one of these powerful volumes, you'll be able to search across the ENTIRE world all at once. And don't worry -- we've made it so that you can also search within individual countries as well (see above for steps).


  1. Open your subscription by going to Amos Advantage Account and then My Digital Scott Catalogs. Then, open your subscription.
  2. A new window opens and your subscription will be visible.
  3. At the top right, you should see a Search Icon Scott Digital Catalogue Search Icon. Click or tap that icon to reveal the search menu.
  4. A Search Box will appear. Tap or click in it to begin typing.
  5. By default, you will be able to search the entire world (all 6 volumes). To search a specific volume, use the drop-down to the right to narrow your search to the volume of your choosing.
  6. Type in the topic, Scott number or term you want to search for. The results will begin to appear as you type!
  7. Note: If you subscribe to a Set, but only want to search a specific Volume within that Set, you can use the drop-down box to the right of the Search Box to narrow your search to a volume.

Browse different countries in different browser tabs

Browser tabs have become a ubiquitous way for us to organize our web browsing and the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription takes full advantage of them.

With the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription, each country (or section) can be opened in a new tab! This allows you to quickly flip back and forth between tabs as you research different countries, or different sections within a country. Another timesaver that's not possible in the print edition. Here's how to do it.


  1. By default, when you open a new country (or section) from the Index page, it will open in a new tab. You'll need to open your browser's tabs menu to see what other tabs are open and navigate back and forth. Instructions vary per browser.
  2. If for some reason you are not seeing your countries (or sections) open in new tabs, there's a handy way to force it to happen. 
  3. From the index page, scroll to the country (or section) you want to open, then, do the following based on what type of device you're using:
    1. If you're using a Desktop (PC or Mac), right click on the country or section and then click or tap "Open in new tab..."
    2. If you're using a Mobile device (smart phone or tablet), long press on the country or section (press with a single finger for 1 second) then release. A menu will appear, and one of the options should be "Opein in a new tab...". Click or tap that.
  4. You're all set! Enjoy the power of cross-referencing Scott with the unprecedented ease and versatility found only in the digital subscription.

More updates Coming soon!

Check back soon for more updates to this section!

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