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Coin Edge Coin Holders

By admin • September 12, 2017 •

CoinEdge Coin Holders allow users to view all three of the important surfaces of a coin, the obverse, reverse and the edge. The holders contain NO PVC and are made from 100% molded mylar, a crystal-clear, inert, archival-quality plastic. Coins mounted in the 2x2 holders will not rotate, maintaining their orientation at the time they were placed in the holder. Holders for coins smaller than silver dollars have a double seal, around both the edge of the coin and the edge of the holder. For larger coins the holders seal only around the coins.


Place the front half of the holder face down. The front half is raised higher where the coin is placed. Place coin in the "staging" area as shown in the photo.


Place the back half of the holder over the coin, and align the two halves. Make sure the coin is oriented so that the obverse is right-side up.


Press firmly in the center of the rear holder to seat the coin, then press lightly around the outside of the holder to complete the second seal.